Ongoing Projects


Transfer of SolarChill Technology

Once the SolarChill technology is tested and proven to be reliable, it will be made freely available to manufacturers around the world. This will be facilitated through the publication of papers and the sharing of information with interested parties. However, the SolarChill Partners will not accept any legal or financial responsibility, nor accept any liability, for the production and the performance of cooling appliances using SolarChill technology.

Demonstration Projects

The SolarChill Project, pending on the availability of funding, plans to run a series of demonstration projects in various parts of the world. These projects will be conducted upon the successful completion of the field tests. The purpose of the demonstration projects will be to popularize the SolarChill technology and to attract manufacturers. The Demonstration Projects will take place in rural health centers, remote villages, commercial applications in semi-rural areas, and in emergency situations.

The SolarChill Project invites enquiries from potential funders, sponsors and organizational partners interested in cooperating with the SolarChill Demonstration Projects.