reliable, climate-friendly vaccine and food refrigeration technologies

SolarChill combines environmentally friendly refrigeration with solar direct drive technology for off-grid cooling applications. It provides a more reliable, safer and cleaner form of refrigeration than kerosene refrigerators. Solar energy is stored in ice instead of lead batteries. SolarChill refrigerators do not use any ozone depleting or potent global warming substances.

The solution


Sustainable refrigeration, both for medical and food preservation, is a vital need throughout the world. Global warming exacerbates that need. SolarChill refrigerators are the answer to

provide sustainable and affordable solutions for regions without adequate electrical supply. 


The Project

Photo: WHO

The SolarChill Project aims to demonstrate the reliable and increasingly affordable use of the SolarChill technologies for medical, household and commercial purposes. Funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), demonstration and technology transfer projects for both medical and food refrigeration purposes are in the process of implementation in Colombia, Kenya and Swaziland.

The project countries


Find out more about the installation sites in Kenya.

Kingdom of eswatini

Find out more about the installation sites in the kingdom of eSwatini.


Find out more about the installation sites in Colombia.